ISBN: 1479313459

ISBN 13: 9781479313457

Publication Date: December 08, 2012

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 294

Format: Paperback

Author: Jeanie M Parnell

3.71 of 13

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Second Prize Winner in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Best friends Cam Greene and Margot Parissi are completely opposite in looks, personality, and taste, but they have been as close as sisters since they were kids. About the only things the two friends do share are an affection for art, a deep appreciation for home and family, and a fierce wariness of men. But when fate sends a devastating hurricane their way, more than just the town is threatened; Cam and Margot must contend with two handsome newcomers as well. Chase Jackson is handsome, successful, and thoughtful, and totally smitten with Cam. He is determined to give her the love and support her heart longs to reclaim, but Cam is uncertain. Will Chase's devotion be enough for Cam to find her faith and believe again in happily ever after? Jim Shepard is sexy, bold, and confident; a winning combination that has served him well. But that is before he meets Margot and realizes that she is his most appealing challenge yet. Jim refuses to play Margot's games, but what will it take for Margot to realize that he is the one man she didn't know she was looking to find? On this hopeful, whirlwind journey, Cam and Margot rely on the strength of their friendship as they recover from heartbreak, restore their faith in love, and rebuild their lives...even better than before.

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