Survivor (The Floods #4)

Survivor (The Floods #4)

ISBN 13: 9781741661239

Publication Date: February, 2007

Publisher: Random House

Pages: 216

Format: Paperback

Author: Colin Thompson

3.98 of 183

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The youngest child in the Flood family, Betty, is a pretty little girl, who looks quite normal - unlike some of her brothers and sisters. She goes to the normal primary school down the road and she even has a normal best friend, Ffiona Hulbert.
But Betty is not normal - she is a witch. When Bridie McTort, the school bully, starts throwing her weight around, Betty knows exactly what to do. And when Ffiona's dad gets bullied at work. Betty knows how to fix that too. Meanwhile, Winchflat Flood has been watching old Frankenstein movies and has decided he wants to build a human of his own...

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