A Rose for Winter

A Rose for Winter

ISBN: 0099479710

ISBN 13: 9780099479710

Publication Date: February 19, 2003

Publisher: Vintage Books

Pages: 122

Format: Paperback

Author: Laurie Lee

3.90 of 360

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He writes like an angel, and conveys the pride and vitality of the humblest Spanish life with unfailing sharpness, zest and humour - Sunday Times

Andalusia is a passion - and fifteen years after his last visit Laurie Lee returned. He found a country broken by the Civil War, but the totems of indestructible Spain survive; the Christ in agony, the thrilling flamenco cry, the gypsy intensity in vivid whitewashed slums, the cult of the bullfight, the exultation in death, the humour of hopelessness and the paradoxes deep in the fiery bones of Spain. Rich with kaleidoscopic images, A Rose for Winter is as evocative as the sun-scorched landscape of Andalusia itself.

Cover Photograph: Irene Lamprakou

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