Raptor Red

Raptor Red

ISBN: 0553575619

ISBN 13: 9780553575613

Publication Date: August 01, 1996

Publisher: Bantam

Pages: 256

Format: Paperback

Author: Robert T. Bakker

3.91 of 7,017

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A pair of fierce but beautiful eyes look out from the undergrowth of conifers. She is an intelligent killer...

So begins one of the most extraordinary novels you will ever read. The time is 120 million years ago, the place is the plains of prehistoric Utah, and the eyes belong to an unforgettable heroine. Her name is Raptor Red, and she is a female raptor dinosaur.

Painting a rich and colorful picture of a lush prehistoric world, leading paleontologist Robert T. Bakker tells his story from within Raptor Red's extraordinary mind, dramatizing his revolutionary theories in this exciting tale. From a tragic loss to the fierce struggle for survival to a daring migration to the Pacific Ocean to escape a deadly new predator, Raptor Red combines fact and fiction to capture for the first time the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of the most magnificent, enigmatic creatures ever to walk the face of the earth.

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