Firearm Fundamentals: Wi - How to Be a Safe and Confident Shooter

Firearm Fundamentals: Wi - How to Be a Safe and Confident Shooter

ISBN: 1481096192

ISBN 13: 9781481096195

Publication Date: June 09, 2013

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 412

Format: Paperback

Author: Gary L. Behr

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FIREARM FUNDAMENTALS - How to be a Safe and Confident Shooter

A MUST READ for Every New Shooter! - And a great read for ALL shooters!

This is the book used by instructors throughout the Country!

This significantly updated, well illustrated compendium introduces a new or non shooter to the diverse fields of firearms!

SIX UPDATED EDITIONS! with the latest information!

Separate editions with specific Concealed Carry Laws for individual States!


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FIREARM FUNDAMENTALS is an easy-to-read guide, from the basics to advanced.

Feel confident, comfortable taking the next step in protecting you & your family and enjoy sport shooting or hunting

Whether your interests are in pistols, rifles, shotguns, methods or techniques, this book is brimming with accurate, valuable and fun information

Join the experienced shooters who find this well researched digest a great read and excellent reference!

FIREARM FUNDAMENTALS answers a mountain of shooter questions and delves in detail, the many lesser known facets of shooting:

How to lead a moving target

What shotgun pellets are most effective for which game

What are the stopping powers of various cartridges

How to sight a laser on a pistol

What to look for when getting a scope

Just how powerful is a pellet gun compared to a .22 rimfire

Choosing eyes and ears

and answers questions like

What gauge is a .410 shotgun?

How fast, in RPMs, can a bullet spin?

What is the oldest self-contained cartridge?

When sighting in a rifle, there are two zeros?

What are the four variables to a bullet wound?

There are viable alternatives to "Concealed Carry"?

What is the longest sniper shot?

How far does a sniper bullet drop at 11/2 miles?

The intent of the military "Battlesight Zero" is not to necessarily hit dead center on the target?

How many bullets were kept in the old cowboy's six shooter?

The current U.S./NATO 9mm pistol round, lost to the .45 ACP, in the U.S. Government's 1906 pistol testing?

How many rounds does it currently take, to neutralize one enemy combatant?

What are some of the more absurd Media Misnomers about firearms?

These and hundreds more fascinating facts can be found within these pages!

This book has over 400 pages, packed with hundreds of illustrations and over a hundred essential web links! Searching for information is easy with a comprehensive Table of Contents, expanded Index and a myriad of Cross-References.

Part I

An introduction into the specific information needed to safely learn how to shoot and often used as part of formal training

Part II

Addresses Concealed Carry, the things you should consider if you plan on carrying a firearm

Part III

Delves into greater detail about pistols, rifles, shotguns, scopes, sights, stopping power, cleaning and more, answering many of the questions of an emerging shooter


Over 600 relevant terms and descriptions.

21 Appendices

Nearly 200 web references, practice exercises and training targets.

A great read and a great reference for anyone interested in firearms!

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