Recognition of Whiteboard Notes: Online, Offline and Combination

Recognition of Whiteboard Notes: Online, Offline and Combination

ISBN: 1299671454

ISBN 13: 9781299671454

Publication Date: May 10, 2014

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company

Pages: 227

Format: ebook

Authors: Marcus Liwicki, Horst Bunke

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This book addresses the task of processing online handwritten notes acquired from an electronic whiteboard, which is a new modality in handwriting recognition research. The main motivation of this book is smart meeting rooms, aim to automate standard tasks usually performed by humans in a meeting.The book can be summarized as follows. A new online handwritten database is compiled, and four handwriting recognition systems are developed. Moreover, novel preprocessing and normalization strategies are designed especially for whiteboard notes and a new neural network based recognizer is applied. Commercial recognition systems are included in a multiple classifier system. The experimental results on the test set show a highly significant improvement of the recognition performance to more than 86%.Contents: Classification MethodsLinguistic Resources and Handwriting DatabasesOff-Line ApproachOn-Line ApproachMultiple Classifier CombinationWriter-Dependent Recognition
Readership: Researchers in academia and industry and graduate students working in document analysis, handwriting recognition, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence.

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