Pantheon of the Dead (The Hidden Academy #3)

Pantheon of the Dead (The Hidden Academy #3)

Author: Jon Rosenberg

4.03 of 432

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When a visit to an old friend ends with a dead body and the appearance of a monstrous creature, Ash finds himself in more trouble than he could ever have imagined. An ever escalating crisis unfolds, as one after another his friends, colleagues and allies are maimed, murdered and kidnapped. While dodging Harpies and combating a Hydra, Ash comes to realise that a dangerous plot has formed; one which threatens the lives and minds of everyone he knows. Time is running out for him to uncover which god, goddess or primordial power is behind this sinister attempt to remake the world and the only place he can go to look for answers is hardly inviting.
Life is pure hell when you take a trip to the Underworld.

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