FOREIGN LANGUAGE: How to use modern technology to effectively learn foreign languages - Special edition for students of Dutch

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: How to use modern technology to effectively learn foreign languages - Special edition for students of Dutch

ISBN 13: 9781783147564

Publication Date: July 19, 2013

Publisher: Smashwords Edition

Format: ebook

Author: Andrey Taranov

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This book is a compilation of information about modern resources available to foreign language students. The purpose of this book is to help the reader to correctly select instructional materials and organize independent study of a foreign language. This edition contains recommendations for the use of both traditional methods as well as the latest multimedia technologies. The book gives great attention to vocabulary development – how to correctly study, review, and systematize foreign words.

This book will help you determine the main goals and exercises associated with mastering a foreign language. These goals are always there. They simply need to be stated, analyzed, and ordered. In general, systemization and order are two of the main factors in mastering anything new, including foreign languages. When you understand what you want to achieve you will find it much easier to choose a path that will lead to success.

To those who doubt their abilities and believe themselves linguistically incapable, we confidently affirm that anybody can learn a foreign language. Incapable people don't exist. There are only different degrees of need for a language and different levels of opportunity for instruction. There are also a large number of learning aids and, often, a poor understanding of how to use them effectively. In this book, we will help you with this last point.

The importance of the study materials you expect to use is difficult to overstate. These are the raw inputs for producing a quality product – your knowledge. Don't think that everything comes easily to people who can speak multiple languages. Before beginning to study a new language, every polyglot will carefully gather good practical materials and review the resources that may be needed. Sometimes this takes months. And only afterward does he proceed to quickly and systematically learn the language.

Another thing about polyglots. They are lucky. They are internally motivated to compete with themselves. They try to outdo their own brain, to push its limits and reveal all of its capabilities. These "intellectual athletes" find new and still newer methods for obtaining improved results. This includes the use of modern technologies.

Even if everyone isn't able to become a polyglot, each person can learn one or two foreign languages well enough to converse and read books. Serious motivation is great – but when the wrong materials put you at a loss on every page, even the most enduring enthusiasm will be snuffed out. Your motivation must be constantly nurtured by the feeling that you are moving forward, that everything is working out. If that isn't happening, then the problem is probably not you, but rather the learning aids you are using.

When it comes to planning your studies, the beginning stage is always the same – to master the fundamentals, to acquire the most basic knowledge about the language. You can subsequently emphasize various aspects of the language, such as reading, conversational speech, aural comprehension, and writing. But the first step is similar for every language. On the pages of this book you will find helpful advice on how to correctly select materials for each stage of the learning process.

English-Dutch Topical dictionary section

This dictionary contains 1,500 frequently used words that will help you develop basic vocabulary. The dictionary's content is organized by topic. The material is presented in three columns: source word, translation, and transcription. Each topic consists of 50 words grouped into small blocks. You can treat this dictionary as a model for creating your own unified word database.

We're confident that this book will help you develop your own effective learning system and give you another boost in this useful and fascinating exercise - learning a foreign language

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