Leçons et conversations

Leçons et conversations

ISBN: 2070326888

ISBN 13: 9782070326884

Publication Date: 1992

Publisher: Gallimard

Pages: 186

Authors: Ludwig Wittgenstein, Rush Rhees, Cyril Barrett

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In 1938 Wittgenstein delivered a short course of lectures on aesthetics to a small group of students at Cambridge. The present volume has been compiled from notes taken down at the time by three of the students: Rush Rhees, Yorick Smythies & James Taylor. They've been supplemented by notes of conversations on Freud (to whom reference was made in the course on esthetics) between him & Rush Rhees & by notes of some lectures on religious belief. As very little is known of his views on these subjects from his published works, these notes should be of considerable interest to students of contemporary philosophy. Further, their fresh & informal style should recommend him to those who find his "Tractatus" & "Philosophical Investigations" a little formidable.
Lectures on aesthetics
Conversations on Freud
Lectures on religious belief

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