The Art of War Box: Book and Card Deck

The Art of War Box: Book and Card Deck

ISBN: 1590300718

ISBN 13: 9781590300718

Publication Date: September 13, 2005

Publisher: Shambhala

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Sun Tzu, Lao Tzu

3.97 of 7

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Sun Tzu's Art of War is revered as a repository of wisdom on how to successfully navigate the dynamics of conflict in many areas of life. However, the text's highly metaphorical style can make it hard to grasp and apply in today's world. This unique book-and-card kit will help readers to gain new insight into the text and the powerful philosophy that underlies it. Here, Sun Tzu's core teachings are presented in the form of fifty maxims displayed on beautifully produced cards with commentary on the reverse side of each. The cards are designed to be used as objects of contemplation throughout the day, enabling the reader to gain a deeper understanding of Sun Tzu's teachings and to see clearly how they apply to day-to-day interactions.

The Art of War Box includes:

- 50 two-color cards, with a principle from Sun Tzu on one side and commentary on the other.

- A fold-out card stand.

- Guided instructions on how to use the cards to bring Sun Tzu's principles to life throughout the day, at work and at home.

- A 160-page paperback, which includes a full translation of Sun Tzu's text and in-depth essays on the key ideas that have made The Art of War a perennial classic.

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