Lead Guitar Breakthrough: Essential Lessons - Fretboard Navigation, Theory & Technique

Lead Guitar Breakthrough: Essential Lessons - Fretboard Navigation, Theory & Technique

Author: Luke Zecchin

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The first step to playing like an accomplished guitarist, is thinking like one.

Guitar players frequently face the same road blocks in their playing. Many feel stunted creatively, stuck playing the same old things and unsure how to move forward. These issues are all symptomatic of some common pitfalls. Typical problems include; being unable to think beyond familiar shapes or positions, not understanding how music theory relates to the fretboard and feeling hindered by ineffective technique.

Lead Guitar Breakthrough is a comprehensive collection of lessons guiding you step-by-step through essential concepts for overcoming obstacles in your approach to lead playing. This book provides a fundamental blueprint for fretboard navigation and the tools needed to cultivate your own style and musicality. It offers a refreshing approach to understanding guitar theory and technique in a way that is engaging, straightforward and practical. This book is a must have resource for any guitarist looking to enhance both their playing ability and musical understanding.

What’s Included:

- Over 115+ pages of instructional material including HD diagrams, tablature and illustrations.

- A comprehensive system for navigating the entire fretboard in any key, including various techniques for using this information creatively in improvisation and composition.

- Expert tips and exercises to assist with alternate picking, economy picking, legato, string skipping and general technique development.

- Detailed discussion on essential topics including; the major scale, understanding modes, constructing chords, building progressions, playing over major and minor keys, targeting chord tones, using pentatonic scales creatively, thinking melodically, and more.

Key Benefits:

- Being able to seamlessly navigate around the entire guitar neck with ease, playing over any key, in any position on the fretboard.

- Developing speed, strength and accuracy in your playing technique.

- Learning how to experiment with various concepts for visualizing the fretboard creatively and thinking musically.

- Understanding fundamental concepts in music theory and how they directly relate to the fretboard in real playing situations.

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ISBN: 978-0-9925507-3-8 / Pages: 118 / RRP: $9.99 (USD)

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