Motor Stories: Motor Matt's Hard Luck or the Balloon-House Plot: Thrilling Adventure Motor Fiction

Motor Stories: Motor Matt's Hard Luck or the Balloon-House Plot: Thrilling Adventure Motor Fiction

ISBN: 1517691044

ISBN 13: 9781517691042

Publication Date: October 08, 2015

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 74

Format: Paperback

Author: Stanley R. Matthews

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Motor Matt's Hard Luck; or, The Balloon House Plot by Stanley R. Matthews. Motor Stories: Thrilling Adventure Motor Fiction no. 10 by Stanley R. Matthews. Published 1909 ADVENTURES OF A BOY GENIUS MOTOR STORIES Most five-cent weeklies are founded upon the adventures of boy wonders who perform all sorts of impossible feats and who never act or talk as a boy really does. This is displeasing to the intelligent boy of the present day, who is better educated, and who, consequently, demands more logical reading than the old-time boy did. The boys who want to learn something from what they read, as well as to be interested by it, will never find another publication that will satisfy them so well as MOTOR STORIES. "Motor Matt" is not an impossible boy character. He is simply a youth who has had considerable training in a machine shop where motors of all kinds were repaired, and who is possessed of a genius for mechanics. His sense of right and wrong is strongly developed, and his endeavors to insure certain people a square deal lead him into a series of the most astonishing, but at the same time the most natural, adventures that ever befell a boy. Buy the current number from your newsdealer. We feel sure that you will be just as enthusiastic about it as the fifty thousand other boys throughout the United States have become. HERE ARE THE TITLES NOW READY: No. 1.-Motor Matt; or, The King of the Wheel. No. 2.-Motor Matt's Daring; or, True to His Friends. No. 3.-Motor Matt's Century Run; or, The Governor's Courier. No. 4.-Motor Matt's Race; or, The Last Flight of the "Comet." No. 5.-Motor Matt's Mystery; or, Foiling a Secret Plot. No. 6.-Motor Matt's Red Flier; or, On the High Gear. No. 7.-Motor Matt's Clue; or, The Phantom Auto. TO BE PUBLISHED ON APRIL 12th No. 8.-Motor Matt's Triumph; or, Three Speeds Forward. TO BE PUBLISHED ON APRIL 19th No. 9.-Motor Matt's Air-ship; or, The Rival Inventors. TO BE PUBLISHED ON APRIL 26th No. 10.-Motor Matt's Hard Luck; or, The Balloon House Plot. TO BE PUBLISHED ON MAY 3d No. 11.-Motor Matt's Daring Rescue; or, The Strange Case of Helen Brady. TO BE PUBLISHED ON MAY 10th No. 12.-Motor Matt's Peril; or, Cast Away in the Bahamas. Price, Five Cents At all newsdealers, or sent, postpaid, by the publishers upon receipt of the price. STREET & SMITH, Publishers, NEW YORK

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