A Spirit in the Doorway: Amazing Ways Our Loved Ones Use Afterlife Messages to Help Heal Our Grief

A Spirit in the Doorway: Amazing Ways Our Loved Ones Use Afterlife Messages to Help Heal Our Grief

ISBN: 0996579117

ISBN 13: 9780996579117

Publication Date: October 02, 2015

Publisher: Childs Communications

Pages: 114

Format: Paperback

Authors: Deborah W Childs, David Landis

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Some people never get to know what it feels like to find the person they believe to be their twin soul. Author, Deb Childs, is sure she knows. She found William at her front door when she wasn't looking for him at all and before she knew twin souls existed. Unfortunately, she learned something else for sure--once you have met your twin soul and you lose them, the world stops turning and nothing seems to matter much anymore. The deep dark well she fell into when they told her he was "gone," felt like a tomb she never cared to come out of. But the pain of loss was too great, and she set out to find a way to bring him back. To her surprise, she found herself in the perfect path on the perfect day to see a serendipitous sign of hope. She would soon be amazed to find that just because she could no longer see William did not mean she could not hear from him or that he no longer existed. He did exist! And he could hear and respond to her. He could console her when she was sad, answer questions on her mind, and get just the right message through to her in the most creative and timely ways. Deb realized that William had taught her one more lesson in this lifetime together--the most valuable one of all--that love and life continue after the physical life ends. A Spirit in the Doorway is the after-story to Childs' first book--Last Promise: Losing My Heart Finding My Soul. There, readers will experience more serendipity in the love story and the revelation of what the author feels is her calling in this lifetime--a destiny she could not complete without meeting and losing her twin soul.

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